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PAA since 2003!

 General terms as of January 2020

(last additions on 04 January, 2020)

Palm Art Award (PAA) is granted to artists of all visual media, i.e. painting, graphics, digital art, fine art photography, installation artwork and sculpture. The competition seeks to attract in particular emerging artists complying with or even redefining standards of art excellence. Every applicant has to submit 3 artworks.
The competition includes a three-step selection process, viz (1) Preselection by the internal jury (Nomination), (2) Presentation Round, and (3) Award Selection. The competition will exclusively be held on the web.

In the run up to each annual cycle a careful preselection process will be performed by our internal jury. Based on that we invite all of the thusly selected artists by email.  

After receipt of our invitation email you can simply enter by email form: Just click here! Be prepared to submit the following data: Name, Address, Country, Website. Done this, please, send jpg-images (1200 pix referring to the length) and details (title, technique, size, year of creation) for your three artworks by email to info@palm-art-award.com. It is recommended that submitted works should be created within the last 8 years. It is recommended to avoid a submission the same artwork as presented in any cycle before. By submitting artwork you are agreeing the work is your own original work of the exhibiting artist and do not infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third parties.

PLEASE NOTE: A small one-time administration fee of 48 Euro is due upon application. There will be no further additional costs for the nominated artist. You will be provided with payment data right after application.

IMPORTANT: After filing the entry form you should complete your application (payment, images, infos) best within the next days, but in any case no later than within the next 4 weeks.
Otherwise we have to delete your application / registration regrettably.

Competitors Catalogue

As soon as your application is completed, your works will be added to the Competitors Catalogue. See a sample listing here. Your personal artist website is announced on your competitors portfolio. Your participants-portfolio showing the 3 submitted artworks will be present at www.palm-art-award.com until release of the prize-winners in the subsequent year. The portfolios of the prize-winners even remain accessable for 3 years at the winners page.

The 3 submitted works also will be presented on our facebook page www.facebook.com/palmartaward. If the facebook post is not desired, please let us know. This facebook presentation is not important for the PAA participation and has absolutely no influence on the decision of the competition.

As a confirmed Nominee of Palm Art Award and as soon as the application is completed, each Nominee receives the certificate "Nominee of Palm Art Award 2020" as printable pdf version. In addition to this certificate each Nominee receives a small image file of our newly created 'icon' for all Nominees of Palm Art Award 2020. You can use this logo to announce your nomination on your own website, along with a link to www.palm-art-award.com or your nominees portfolio there.

 Deadline 2020

Application Deadline for Palm Art Award 2020 is October 30, 2020 at 17.00 p.m CET.

Please note: Not only all enrolments should be submitted to the organizer prior to this date, also image files, infos and the one-time participation fee of 38 Euro must have been received by that date.
Submissions received after this date cannot be considered for the 2019 competition.

NEW: For 2020, the preselection will take place with even stricter standards in terms of quality and, above all, the originality and uniqueness of the submitted works of art. As a result, the maximum number of nominations for the 2020 cycle will be reduced for the first time: The number of Nomiations for Palm Art Award 2020 is limited to an absolute maximum of 250 plus the '2nd Chance Prize' winners (15) from PAA 2019 . So it is quite possible, the award could be closed earlier than October 31, 2020 for nomination requests / new applications.

  Winners Release

At the end of the year the jury will select the winners to assign to them the 'Palm Award'. NEW: The total prize money is at least 5.000 Euro (depending on our sponsors' goodwill).

The winners for Palm Art Award 2020 will be released on December 30, 2020 at www.palm-art-award.com. All Nominees will be informed about the jury's choice by email.

Bonus & Extra Option
Every awardee of this competition gets option and rebate for inclusion in one of the next publications of 'Who's Who in Visual Art' to be published by Whois Publisher every two years.

 Nomination Request for Palm Art Award 2020

A Suggestion for a nomination for PALM ART AWARD 2020 is possible by submitting this email form. After receipt of the form the jury will consider your nomination based on a careful review of your website and we'll get back to you with further information.

Conditions for participation are a minimum age of 18.

BENEFIT: For many years Art Domain Group has been granting for up to three needy artists which currently are living in difficult circumstances, and have reached the nominee status, on request once per person a Palm Art Award participation exempted from the participation fee.

NOTE: Each artist can be nominated resp. can participate only up to three times in succession with less than 3 years distance between. After a serie of 3 participations / nominations we provide a 3 three-year break. After that time there is a possibility to be nominated, or to suggest new artworks once again.

Each winner of the 1st Prize is forced to halt for one year at least, before he can be suggested resp. chosen for a renewed nomination for Palm Art Award.



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